INTEC Partners

INTEC is a medium-sized project with participation of four academic and two industrial partners from four different nations. The expertise within the consortium that forms this project was brought together based on the idea that the successful project requires representatives (Josef Krysa from ICT and Claire Hill from CPL) are involved in the generation of standards in the field of photocatalysis (CEN, members of TC386) on the one hand and highly skilled experts specialized in the production of standard ink indicators (QUB) and specialists in the area of testing self cleaning surfaces (ICT, QUB, DIT, AAU) on the other. Industrial partners involved (CPL, VI) then represent industry producing self cleaning surfaces on various substrates and so are able not only to provide industrially relevant samples but also an invaluable industrial perspective regarding the standards needed in the area of semiconductor photocatalysis. Their role is pivotal in providing essential feedback regarding effective photocatalyst indicator inks. Brief profile and the role of individual partners in the INTEC project is described below.


Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic Queen's University Belfast, UKS Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland Aalborg Universitet, DK Cristal Pigment UK Limited, UK VitrA Ireland Ltd, Ireland INTEC Partners